Casa de Yoga is a homegrown, locally owned and operated yoga studio/boutique. Considered a “second home” by many of our patrons, we have cultivated a warm, individualized and fun environment where people from all walks of life come to grow themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our family comes together to escape, revive and inspire one another daily. It’s a place where one can lose themselves, find themselves and walk out ready to not only make a meaningful impact within their own lives but also within our beloved community of El Paso. 

Yoga can provide the tools one needs in order grow individually or the well-earned escape after a long workday. At Casa de Yoga we want to provide you a space to grow, the tools to inspire others, and the resolve to positively affect our community. We invite you to come enjoy an introductory week, get to know our skilled instructional staff, witness our community in action and see how transformative a CdY yoga experience can be. So find your second home, relax, kick off your shoes and be part of a place where one can heal, unwind re-energize and find yourself.




Yoga at CdY is anything but the prepackaged experience. Our environment is communal and our classes are differentiated. Here at CdY, we offer a variety of yoga experiences that can fit everyone from the hesitant beginner to the seasoned yogi. From classes ranging from Basics, Power, and Heated to specialized classes like Ashtanga, Restorative, and the only Hang classes in El Paso. With a specialization in Power Vinyasa, and the only Yoga studio boasting a complete staff of officially certified Yoga Alliance Certification instructors, CDY is the preeminent yoga studio in the city of El Paso. Wall practice can help us stretch what is tight, strengthen what is weak, and allow our bodies to perform everyday activities with more ease and joy. Our studio boasts a 12 station Yoga Wall™. At Yoga CdY East, we use the Great Yoga Wall™ for effective spinal and cervical traction using gravity, breath and awareness. The signature Hang method (developed and trained by Rosa Rendon – 200hr Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience) helps improve alignment and create space between each vertebrae, reversing the effects of degenerative disc disease and nerve impingement. The use of the Yoga Wall along with intelligent sequencing and alignment–based Yoga Asana or poses make each class unique and emphasizes poses that create space in the spine and relieves tension in the upper and lower back and neck. 

At Casa de Yoga our personal practice is forever growing, developing, and being influenced by our teachers. We have created endless opportunities for you to also expand your knowledge and explore a wide variety of workshops on yoga, meditation, health, advancing your practice and much more. We feel blessed to have been exposed to so many wonderful life-changing teachers and are honored to be able to share them with you at Casa de Yoga.

The Hot Yoga room at Casa de Yoga is unique to El Paso in that it provides far-infrared heat with the room temperature set at 85 degrees F. Depending on the class, the temperature can range from 85-100 degrees.


Far-infrared heat differs from radiant heat in that the heat warms the body (not the air) providing for a breathable efficient therapeutic work out. This is because in addition to the far-infrared heat, humidity and oxygen levels are also controlled. Your experience is as close to practicing yoga outside on a hot summer day as is possible for an indoor space.


When you practice Hot Yoga at Casa de Yoga you get all the benefits of yoga boosted by all the benefits of infrared heat. Like yoga, far-infrared heat removes toxins, improves flexibility & joint mobility, promotes healing, reduces muscle stiffness and pain, decreases soreness & inflammation, increases circulation, improves skin tone, promotes weight loss, enhances heart function, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and speeds recovery.


When you walk into a regular hot yoga studio, you really don't even need to move to sweat... you could just sit there and be sweating buckets, which means you aren't really working out at all! You also don't have hot air blowing into the room or humidity added unnaturally. Your body both skin and lungs can't breathe freely in this environment and result in that suffocation feeling. But at Casa de Yoga, that sweat that is pouring off your body, is sweat that you actually worked for!



Palash and Dipti Kulkarni are the owners of Casa de Yoga East and Horizon.  He is a devoted father of two children, Shreya and Rohan. He loves to travel to explore new places, meet new people, and try new foods.

Dipti Kulkarni is primarily a homemaker and a mother of two children. She has a passion for cooking. She also loves Yoga and has been practicing since her teenage years. She grew up in Pune, India where she got her Bachelors in Commerce. She moved to the United States after getting married. She speaks 4 languages. Her hobbies include drawing henna, rangoli (sand art), traveling and collecting art.


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